You should know effective slide design tips to make your presentation more interesting. Presentation is one of the activities that require the audience to be interested in us. If the presentation is boring, of course, the material will not be conveyed properly.

Effective Slide Design Tips for More Meaningful Present

Effective Slide Design Tips for a More Interesting Presentation

The purpose of the presentation is definitely to make the audience interested in what we are describing. We really have to look for various ways to make the audience interested. One of them is by creating an attractive slide design.

To make slides more interesting, of course, you have to know how or tips for making them. That way, the audience can be interested in the material you present. So, here are Effective slide design tips.

Choose a Simple Design

First, you have to choose a slide design that is simple but still pleasing to the eye. A design that is too full will tire the eyes. In fact, maybe the audience will not focus on the material you are presenting.

Choose an Appropriate Font Size

It is very important in choosing the font size and type. Make sure to choose a font size that can be read by the audience. Don’t let the writing be unreadable because it’s too small.

The type of font is also very influential to attract the attention of the audience. Use fonts that are easy for the audience to read. Don’t use complicated fonts because it will make it difficult for the audience to read.

Choose the Best Image Quality

Make sure the image you display is of the best size and quality. Remember, your audience is far away from the screen. If the image quality is poor, the audience will not get clear image information.
Avoid using too many effects

The effect of too much is not interesting but even seems excessive. In addition, it can also make the eyes tired. Worse, the audience may also focus more on effects than the material you convey.

Don’t Have Too Many Slides

Too many slides will certainly make the audience easily bored. To overcome this, make sure you have mastered the material that you are going to convey. You just need to write down the important points.

Next, you have to explain it directly. That way, the audience will understand well the material you convey. A good presentation should not be long-winded and certainly must be understood by the audience.

So, those are the Effective slide design tips that you can follow. Design slides are only one of the presentation supporters. The most important thing is how to master the material and delivery you will do.